Regular facials are beneficial, especially if you take one every four weeks, matching the normal skin's 28 day renewal cycle.

Dermalogica facials are all customised by face maping and analysing each area of the face. This mean; you will receive a treatment specifically designed to address your personal skin needs.

Mini Facial

Rapid way to rebalance and refresh your skin

30 mins £25

Deep cleansing facial

A personalised treatment invlolving a gentle steam, exfoliation, extraction, massage and deep cleansing mask

1h £50

Moisturising & relaxing facial

Hydrate and refresh your skin with added pampering to leave you feeling relaxed and glowing

1h £45

Environmental control facial

An ultra soothing and protected facial designed for even the most environmentally sensitized skin

1h £45

Dermalogica age smart anti-ageing facial

A powerful treatment for those concerned about the signs of ageing. Ideal for prematurely-ageing, dry, sun damaged skin in need of nourishment and energising. In addition to techniques used in the prescription facial, a power boost treatment is massaged into the face that combines vitamins and hydroxyl acids for deep exfoliation. Finishing with Dermalogica's Contour masque your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and revived.

1h £50